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Artiste Sculpteur sur pierre - Peintre toile directe

[dropcap text = “∴”] Born in PARIS, from a line of architect, sculptor and musician, Michel MONSEIGNY said Bin’s” made its interior architectural studies at the E.S.A.G.T. to PARIS.

[dropcap text = “⊗”] His life as a sculptor began in 1981, when he moved to BEYNAC, peaceful Perigord village and decides to install in the rock, a prototype of contemporary troglodyte cave accommodation.

[dropcap text = “♦”] He devotes as 20 years of his life to clear, dig and sculpt the cliff by drawing shapes of the rock to make his home a living sculpture.

[dropcap text = ““] Since then he has continued to create and give life to the rock carving tirelessly according to his fertile imagination.

» This modern caveman is defined as an alien who likes the skinning and the work.

[dropcap text = “⇒”] Through his art, Michel MONSEIGNY expresses the perspective of the outside world …” he wants to “witness the moment …” he feels “inspired by the hazards of about .

[dropcap text = “℘”] Entrenched for several years at St. POMPON (near Sarlat in the Dordogne), and in total confidentiality, he designed and accumulated an impressive quantity works to his image, we propose discover the essential through this homepage.

[dropcap text = “Φ”] Finally, if you too dream to “make talk the stone know that the artist, just as generous as voluble, shares his passion and can give classes in sculpture, collective or individual.

Good journey in space!